Terms of Service

Last updated on January 1st, 2019

To create a conducive atmosphere and enhance the sense of belief against user Semanthic, then keep in mind that in most cases parties Semanthic never do negative action as stated in the Constitution of the State the Republic of indonesia. In addition, the Semanthic never:

  • Asks the user to provide confidential data either oral or written.
  • Asks the user to perform the delivery of an amount of money to other than through paypal.
  • Telling a user to commit unlawful acts of criminal or civil liability.

In addition, the user is also required to be able to agree on the terms given below on the basis of as full answer against any risks will be found every time.

  • The user is not allowed to commit criminal acts against other users of the website.
  • The user is not allowed to perform in excess consumption against the amount of the web nor the number of keywords that have been determined in accordance with the package that has been provided.
  • The user is obliged to make a purchase limit when the limit had expired for further usage.
  • Limit provided is to fix the price and the amount has been determined.
  • Semanthic parties are not liable for any risks against the other party's account that tersuspend can cause, banned and all that stuff.
  • Semanthic parties are not responsible for any form of loss, whether it's your account, earning and so on including the account Semanthic.
  • Semanthic party holds completely over any user account under the auspices of the Semanthic.
  • Semanthic party shall have the right to suspend user against doing that clearly violate the TOS as well as perform other criminal acts which may be detrimental to another party.
  • Semanthic party shall have the right to monitor all activities of users and web users in order to control the server bandwidth.

Each user who uses Semanthic, the client will have the same engine. This does not affect any side against user website including index as well as the visitor entered. However the user can contribute in developing the client engine that has been provided with a wide range of variants, for a more complete description can be read on the page Docummentation.

To be able to do the filling content against the client engine that will be used, the user is obliged to perform insert and rendering the keywords that have been filtered. However, a separate keyword here to have some rules that can make the rendering to be smooth. Among others are.

  • Each keyword must not contain pornographic elements of the graphics as well as contain obscenities. If this is the case, then the keyword will be automatically deleted.
  • The keyword must not contain symbols like! @ # $% ^ * () & and so on because the engine just read the letter on each keyword.
  • The keyword is already in the rendering cannot be deleted and can't be changed. Keyword can be reset by means of making contact against a moderator or staff Semanthic.
  • When there are multiple list keyword that has not dirender but would like to do the insert keyword new, then the previous keyword list will be deleted.